BPS Competition Entries

Here are some simple forms for you to use to upload your PDI entries for competitions and also, digital copies of your print entries. The forms should be easy to use. To use them, you will need the password which is availkable from the competition organiser, Steve Wilbur.

Providing digital files corresponding to prints helps by providing a record that can be used for selecting inter-club competition prints in the future, and hopefully, when/if a large-screen TV becomes available they might be displayed during the competition to provide members a larger view. Of course, the judge will still be judging the actual print on the easel.

To submit your entry:

  1. Just click on the competition name below
  2. Enter the password
  3. Select your name from the drop-down list. If your name is missing, contact the competition organiser, Steve Wilbur.
  4. Enter your e-mail address. This is used to confirm when your submission has been made.
  5. Select your competition class (Standard, Intermediate or Advanced)
  6. Upload one or two images. Image format details are here.
  7. Review your submission and Submit.

If you change your mind before the closing date you can make another complete submission. The earlier one(s) will be ignored.

After the closing date, usually the Sunday before the competition at 11:45 pm, the form will become inaccessible.

PDI Competitions

Print Competitions

Theme Competitions

Image Format

All digital images should be in the following format: